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Manticore Hunter, sequel to Dracontias Keep, is ready to play! Did you know a much older Edmund becomes a teacher at the Magician's College, Oxford? In this role he is a character in the Swords of Elyx trilogy.


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Coming soon - Manticore Hunter! The sequel to Dracontias Keep. A quest to capture a strong and fearsome beast.

12 seems impossible. I keep getting 11s.

11 is very good! 3 of the points have an element of luck involved, so even if you get the 9 other points, you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting the other 3.

I never got 12 while testing. Once I got 11 while testing the path where Edmund doesn't summon the former apprentices from their graves. So I got all 3 Luck points, proving it is possible. 

Thanks for playing and commenting. I've started a sequel, Manticore Hunter. No luck points at all in this, the points will be from finding beasts and using spells.

Take a look at the new improved version of Dracontias Keep. Now with an improved stylesheet and more pictures. One bug and three continuity errors have been fixed.

When you've played Dracontias Keep, you'll see why the sequel will be titled Manticore Hunter!

Post your score! A gold star will be awarded to anyone who gets 12 out of 12.