Travels of a Necromancer's Apprentice

Edmund, a young magician and a recent graduate of the Magician's College, Oxford, has travelled to a castle in Spain to become the apprentice of Gerbert of Aurillac, the notorious necromancer. Gerbert is a strict and unforgiving teacher, but for the moment he seems pleased with Edmund. There's something Edmund hasn't yet told him that could change this.

Will Gerbert send Edmund home in disgrace on the next ship? Or will Edmund set out on a long journey to find and bring back a strong and fearsome beast?

A sequel to Edmund's earlier adventure - Dracontias Keep.


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your work never fails to amaze me

Thanks! Please keep letting me know what you think, it's great to have this kind of feedback.

Did you know a much older Edmund becomes a teacher at the Magician's College, Oxford? In this role he is a character in the Swords of Elyx trilogy.