Edmund, a young magician and a recent graduate of the Magician's College, Oxford, is the new apprentice of Gerbert of Aurillac, the notorious necromancer. Gerbert's manticore has escaped and it's Edmund's fault! So Edmund has to travel to India and get another manticore for his master. He has a manticore net and has learned some useful spells.

A manticore

Edmund gets invited to a party in India, and is offered a lift by an unusual means of transport. When he gets there he is invited to take part in a magical entertainment, for which he is completely unprepared. Can he impress the guests with a display of English magic?

This is a demo for a longer game, Manticore Hunter, a sequel to Edmund's earlier adventure, Dracontias Keep.


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Manticore Hunter is in the final stages of testing and will soon be ready to upload!